You’ve added a domain to protect with Fraudmarc, Great! Welcome to Fraudmarc. The next step is setting up your domain with Fraudmarc. Here’s a little bit about how Fraudamrc works and why we’ve set things up this way.

What does setting up my domain with Fraudmarc mean?

To set up your domain with Fraudmarc, you will go through one or two processes depending on who your domain registrar is. If you use a domain registrar that supports instant setup (GoDaddy, Cloudflare, or 1and1), you can follow the steps on the setup page to authorize Fraudmarc to make the necessary changes to your DNS record for you. If you use another domain registrar, you will need to make the changes to DNS yourself. You can find the replacement records on the setup tab and should follow the guidance of your domain registrar for specific steps. You need to replace both DMARC and SPF. If you don’t have an SPF record or a DMARC policy, then you can use Fraudmarc’s record to create a new one. However, it is very important that you do not create a record if you already have one. Each domain can only have one SPF record and one DMARC policy, it will cause your policies to be invalid if you create multiple records! Please don't do that!!

Why do I have to replace my records?

Replacing your current records with the records that Fraudmarc provides allows Fraudmarc to host those portions of your DNS (SPF and DMARC). If you choose not to replace your records, Fraudmarc will not be able to host DNS for your email authentication policies.

Why does Fraudmarc host DNS?

Fraudmarc’s main goal is to make the internet safer by increasing email authentication across the internet. We’ve found it works better for users to have a simple way of using email authentication. So we’re making it easy by hosting your records. Here are some of the benefits of Fraudmarc’s hosted email authentication plans:

1. You can view your reports and edit your policy in one place.

we have an SPF editor, a DKIM manager, and a DMARC editor. We also offer two versions of DMARC reports as well as a history of your SPF record. Each tool was designed to streamline the process of monitoring and configuring policies as you move your domain towards a DMARC Reject policy. All of these tools work best for hosted policies, which means they are only fully functional when Fraudmarc is set up for your domain. Making changes in the SPF and DMARC editors only affect policies hosted by Fraudmarc. The SPF history only shows changes made in our editor. It’s possible to receive DMARC reports without Fraudmarc hosting your DNS records, but the setup for this looks a little different.

2. SPF Compression℠ only works when Fraudmarc hosts your SPF record.

If you have too many lookups, SPF Compression℠ can easily fix this problem. Because of the way SPF Compression℠ works, your SPF record must be hosted through Fraudmarc. It’s the only way that we can compress your record and automatically maintain it to keep it 100% up-to-date with your includes.

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After I set up with Fraudmarc, what will my policies look like before I edit them in Fraudmarc?

When you added your domain, Fraudmarc automatically checked your current SPF and DMARC policies and imported those policies into your domain’s setting (you can check them in the editors or on the policy checkers). Once you complete setup, Fraudmarc will host the same DMARC policy with Fraudmarc added, and a compressed version of your SPF record that includes all the same IP address and without as many DNS lookups.

What if I made changes in the Editors before I completed setup?

That’s fine. Fraudmarc will host whatever policies you have saved in the editors as soon as you complete setup. This way you can make changes to your policy before switching to Fraudmarc’s hosting and see what your policy will look like before making it live. What if I want to stop using Fraudmarc? Will I lose my policies?Of course not. If that’s the case, we will be sad to see you go. We will help you export your policy so you can go where you want with it. We will never lock you into our service; you are free to leave at any time.

I have more questions

Ok, we're happy to answer additional questions you have. You might find what you are looking for on the Fraudmarc community page, You can also contact us here, or use the chat button at the bottom right of any page to reach out to us.