SPF Compression

Overcome DNS lookup limits with risk-free SPF record management.

Many businesses get burned by painstakingly flattening their records only to have them drift out of date a day later and disrupt their mail flow.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a foundational part of the email delivery process, and meticulous care must be taken to avoid invalidating these fragile DNS records.

Errors are widespread, because simple tasks like activating new email vendors can overflow and invalidate your policy.

Broken SPF records waste marketing dollars and defeat your organization’s security.

SPF Compression is an essential component of enterprise email management.

It enables businesses to:

SPF Compression is the gold standard for managing SPF policies and overcoming DNS record limits. We authorize billions of enterprise emails every month, and our DMARC reporting platform provides customers with deep insights into how their mail flows through the net.

Businesses have relied on Fraudmarc to keep their email authentication policies on point since 2016. Get in touch to learn how to improve your email.

Getting started

step 2

Give your domain admin a few new DNS records

Step 3

Improvements begin automatically

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