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Hey @team, is email down again? Everything I've sent today is bouncing because of an SPF issue. The exact message is "SPF PermError. Too many DNS lookups"
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Literally just paste Universal SPF in front of your other SPF terms and watch the errors and DNS lookups evaporate.
SPF issue. The exact message is "SPF PermError. Too many DNS lookups"
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Your policy stays accurate, up-to-date, and free of errors when you put Universal SPF in front.
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Perfect for personal or cash-strapped business use.
Automatic updates
Dynamic SPF flattening
Overcome SPF's DNS lookup limits
Unlimited email volume & mailboxes *
Keep your vendor SPF terms in your record
Solves the infamous "too many SPF lookups" error


per domain per month
(billed annually)
The plan you choose when you plan to succeed.
Everything from Basic plus...
Instant updates when you adjust SPF in your DNS
Autocorrect for common SPF record errors
Enhanced permerror protection
Lower TTLs for faster updates
Intercontinental redundancy
Priority compute
Basic vs Pro

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Monthly price
Unlimited email volume
Unlimited email addresses
Dynamic SPF flattening
Single step setup
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Controlled by your DNS
Automatic SPF updates
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Global redundancy

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“Honestly, it has been a godsend!”
Timothy, CyberSecOp.com