👋 We make brands hard to spoof.

Maximize your email performance with our innovative tools.

We are focused on making the internet safer through online brand identity protection.

We provide services to protect their brands and customers against common vulnerabilities using open Internet protocols- SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Configuring email authentication can be complicated and confusing, but we’ve simplified the process. Fraudmarc manages and monitors email authentication policies, and provides free DMARC reports, so businesses have the information and tools needed to configure policies accurately.

We are a TechStars company (TechStars Atlanta class of 2017), and we strongly believe in the TechStars #givefirst philosophy. That’s why we feel it is important to share our expertise about email authentication, and why many of our tools are available for free. We’ve open sourced our DMARC report analyzing platform. On our blog, we suggest tips and provide guidance on how to Implement a Reject Policy, and we can provide more hands-on assistance as needed. We also offer many tools including SPF Compression℠,  an email security check tool, DMARC policy check tool, SPF record check tool, and several ESP verification tools.