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High-Definition DMARC solutions that go way beyond standard DMARC XML data,
self-hosted open source, and a few options in between.

Something for everyone.

Per-user DMARC
Vendor 1
Vendor 2
Vendor 3
High-Definition – Advanced DMARC enhanced by individual user data from for confident, fast, & safe implementations.
100% complete
Advanced DMARC– Automate the most time consuming part of DMARC analysis.
60% complete
Standard DMARC – A hosted version of our open source platform plus a couple of extra bells and whistles.
10% complete
Open Source DMARC Analyzer – Fraudmarc Community Edition is available on GitHub.
DMARC has a reputation for being difficult and risky but our tools will help you breeze right into a strict p=reject enforcement policy.
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DMARC analysis pricing

Flexible plans for a variety of needs.


per domain per month
(billed annually)
Get started with DMARC.
DMARC aggregate report analysis
DMARC forensic report analysis
30-day history


per user per month
(billed annually)
Accomplish hours of analysis in milliseconds with automation.
Everything from Standard plus
90-day history
Automated data analysis
Basic support


per user per month
(billed annually)
Get the confidence you need to quickly reconcile mail sources and enforce a policy using data that goes beyond RFC-DMARC.
Everything from Advanced plus
1-year history data enrichment
Per-user DMARC reports
Live chat support

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