“PermError SPF Permanent Error:Too many DNS lookups” got you down? You need SPF Compression.

What is SPF Compression?

SPF Compression℠ repairsyour record and authorizesall of your email service providers (ESPs).Additionally, SPF Compression℠ hides your email providers and gives you error-free security policy maintenance. Stop wasting time waiting for slow DNS propagation when you’re working on your policy to implement DMARC. Fraudmarc’s service typically achieves full, global record updates in under 2 minutes.

The problem with traditional SPF

Traditional SPF is costly and full of risk. When marketing needs to add a new vendor, they will typically turn to the email team, who will hand them off to the network team and then the DNS or Ops team. The success or failure of the telephone game may take days to surface due to cross-team coordination and DNS propagation delays. It's an error-prone and unnecessarily expensive procedure that occurs each time your organization adds or removes email vendors.

How does SPF Compression help?

Choosing SPF Compression restores confidence and sanity to your email initiatives. Your network and DNS teams have one simple setup step, making all future policy changes controllable directly by email or marketing teams. SPF Compression reduces risk and saves time, as changes can be completed and propagated across the internet in a matter of minutes, rather than days.Use our SPF record lookup tool to examine your new policy. When you’re ready to fix your “Too many lookups” error, replace your existing policy with the one we have provided. We will keep it up to date whenever your ESPs change their records