SPF Record Check

Verify that your domain has published a valid SPF record and learn how to instantly fix the most common policy errors.

We check for common errors such as using more than the 10 allowed DNS lookups. If a record contains too many DNS lookups, it may do more harm that good.

Send a test email to a diagnostic mailbox for detailed deliverability & security analysis.

Fraudmarc’s email authentication service will automatically repair errors that a SPF record checker reveals. If you don’t mind risking non-delivery of your business emails, have a go at fixing the record yourself with guidance from the RFC: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7208.


Properly implementing SPF is an essential part of DMARC implementation. We provide a DMARC check tool to examine DMARC policies.

SPF errors are widespread because simple tasks like activating new email vendors can overflow and invalidate your policy.

Broken SPF records waste marketing dollars and defeat your organization’s security.