Universal SPF

One string to rule SPF

& improve email deliverability

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a foundational part of the email delivery process, but few people are skilled in the dark art of maintaining these crucial DNS records.

SPF errors are widespread because simple tasks like activating new email vendors can overflow and invalidate your policy.

Broken SPF records waste marketing dollars and defeat your organization’s security.

Universal SPF is an in-line upgrade to the Sender Policy Framework.

With Universal SPF, you can:

Fraudmarc’s SPF Compression is the gold standard for managing SPF policies and overcoming DNS record limits. We authorize billions of enterprise emails every month, and our DMARC reporting platform provides customers with deep insights into how their mail flows through the net.

Our customers have enjoyed on-point authentication policies since 2016, but when we look outside of our own bubble, we find tons of misconfigured and invalid policies. We see businesses painstakingly flattening their records only to have them drift out of date a day later and disrupt the mail flow. We’ve also seen sites publish egregiously overflowing policies because they don’t have the budget for SPF Compression.

Challenges faced by our customers drive us to expand the boundaries of email’s possibilities. At Fraudmarc, our passion is creating deep tech to elegantly solve complex problems. Universal SPF is the result of years of building powerful infrastructure to explore the intricacies of email authentication.

Universal SPF represents the cutting edge of email authentication tech, and we’re making it available to everyone (except spammers)! We’re giving you an easy and free way to overcome limits of traditional SPF.

  • You can finally enjoy the deliverability benefits of a properly configured SPF policy.
  • Our customers become safer from increased adoption of SPF.
  • We all benefit from a safer, smarter internet.

Universal SPF is free

There’s no control panel or account to manage. Getting started is quick and easy:

Step 1

Add the Universal SPF magic string to the front of your SPF record (or forward this to your IT dept.):

Change the beginning of your SPF from 

v=spf1 … 


v=spf1 include:UniversalSPF.org -include:x.UniversalSPF.org …   

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You’ll continue to manage your SPF through your DNS provider. When you add or remove vendors, Universal SPF automatically recognizes your changes, compresses your DNS lookups and fixes other problems. From now on, you can add all of your email vendors free of the limitations of traditional SPF.

Welcome to safer, smarter security and deliverability!