DMARC. It solves a widespread and costly problem, and it's been around for over 6 years.So why is it still rare for domains to use its protection?Several factors interfere with proper DMARC implementation- It's not well understood, the internet doesn't always offer the best advice concerning DMARC, the default reports are not very useful, and obtaining good reports has been extremely expensive.Fraudmarc is changing all of that by providing universal access to DMARC tools. This is removing the barriers to DMARC adoption, allowing Fraudmarc and the Internet giants to drive DMARC adoption across the entire Internet. Fraudmarc’s bold strategy for increasing DMARC adoption is unique, and it has been developed and executed with one purpose in mind: to make the Internet safer by spreading the implementation of DMARC across the web.Want to know more? Read the full white paper here.