Fraudmarc Pricing

Our mission is to make the Internet safer by securing everyone’s email.
Pick a plan that fits your needs.

Prefer doing all the work yourself?  Fraudmarc CE is the self-hosted, free and open-source way to do DMARC.

For responsible domain owners with personal sites and low email volume.
For low-volume email marketers and professionals requiring basic DMARC email insights and deliverability improvements.
For medium volume senders and businesses with multiple email service providers (ESPs) requiring low latency DMARC  intelligence, fast security policy updates, and support.
For ESPs and companies requiring enterprise-grade security, performance, and support to implement precise DMARC, SPF & DKIM policies across one or more domains.

Free plan includes
These Great Features:

  • For personal domains
  • Basic DMARC reporting
  • DMARC record control
  • SPF Record management
  • Supports hundreds of messages per month

Personal includes
Free features plus:

  • For personal domains
  • Supports 5,000 messages per month

Professional includes
Personal features plus:

  • For startups up to 20 people
  • SPF Compression℠
  • DKIM Management
  • Email support
  • 100,000 messages per month
  • Fastest 1 hr DMARC reporting interval

Business includes
Professional features plus:

  • Automated DMARC, SPF & DKIM
  • Service for multiple domains
  • SPF Compression℠
  • DKIM Management
  • Advanced DMARC intelligence
  • Multiple users
  • Expert DMARC consulting & planning
  • Access to our ESP tools API
Optional Deliverability Services:
  • Planning
    Help customers with their campaign strategy via email, and regularly scheduled calls/meetings.
  • Ramp-Up & IP Warming
    Assess customer’s existing marketing plan and create a customized ramp-up calendar based on customer’s practices, data, volume and frequency of email.
    Recommend changes for adjustment of the ramp-up calendar based on performance monitoring and reputation metrics.
  • Ongoing Support
    Reputation monitoring and alerting, including blacklist remediation.
    Submit ISP tickets/Mitigation requests, and advice on corrective action.
  • Optimization
    Troubleshoot reputation and deliverability issues, provide recommendations for resolution if/where needed.
    Proactive alerts and recommendations based on assessment of customer’s email campaigns